Thursday, October 12, 2006

Vintage Treasures

My family knows how much I love all things vintage - especially if they have been in the family! So, here are the goodies I came home with from our recent trip to St. Louis:

These tin dishes belonged to my mom and her sisters when they were little - Emily has already had a ball playing with them. The cookie cutter is from a thrift store - but, this is our family traditional sugar cookie shape at Christmas! I am excited to now have two extras - one for Emily and one for Rachel when they are older!

My Grandma found two of these children's hot water bottles while I was there - this one was still in the Walgreens box! It says, "This little piggie went to market". I think Rachel will love it, because she gets little tummy aches and loves to lay on her tummy - the warmth should be very soothing for her!

Red and white enamelware bowl - from my sister! Old scrapbooks with unused pages, family photos, lace and doilies crocheted by my Great-Great-Grandmother Dale, and a picture frame that I have aspirations of spray painting and using in Emily's room.

My favorite family treasure is our bedroom furniture. It belonged to my Grandma's Great-Grandparents and it is believed that my Great-Great-Great-Grandfather built it!

So, tell me about your favorite family treasures!


Susan said...

I loved looking at all your family treasures! I'm a lover of vintage family things too. I have a wooden dough bowl that my great-grandmother used to make biscuits every day - it's one of my prized possessions, mainly because the hands that worked in that bowl nurtured my grandmother, who nurtured my mother, who nurtured me . . . I feel a sense of connection. Your furniture is beautiful, too!!!

Grace said...

oh Wow Monica!! What treasures. I had no idea your bedroom set went back that far. That is truly wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Monica,

How fun to see you enjoying these family treasures! I remember playing with those dishes, especially the blue and white ones (which we had longer than the pink ones).

Love, Mom