Friday, October 27, 2006

Vintage Frame Makeover

Remember this post? Well, I decided to makeover this frame yesterday.

Here is the before picture:

After one coat of yellow paint (left from this) and a new piece of glass (salvaged from an unused frame laying around my closet):

And, now hanging in Emily's room! This picture was painted by my Grandma's cousin, John! I think it has such a cottage-y look!

This took a total of fifteen minutes (not including paint drying time) to complete.


Anonymous said...

great job - it looks beautiful!

Susan P. said...

Wow, that's incredible. It turned out so wonderful:) You should give yourself a big pat on the back!

Anonymous said...

Hi MOnica:

Wow, what creativity! I would have never thought to do that...though I have always liked that frame very much. It looks GREAT with John's painting in it. I know he would be pleased.
Great job!!

Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...

Very nice turnout! I love that cottage look, too!!