Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our Trip!

Yes, I still exist ~ I simply did not have time to post these last days. But, what a lovely time with family!

Here are some highlights:
~ A trip to the zoo with Emily (can't wait to share pix!)
~ A visit to one of my favorite stores!
~ A five-generation photo! (link to come)
~ Our traditional lunch here.
~ A Baby Shower for my sister! (pix and ideas to come)
~ A great night at Busch stadium - where the Cardinal's won 10-5!
~ Brunch together at the Bevo Mill.
~ A visit with all the ladies of Half Pint House! (I did not bring my camera, so you'll have to visit her blog for photos!)
~ Listening to my 99-year-old great-grandma talking about her life and capturing it on video!
~ Being together as a family!
~ I don't love this stuff - but everyone else seems too! A tradition in St. Louis!

Pictures to come!


Anonymous said...

Dear Monica:

What a lovely list of the wonderful things we shared last weekend! I'm so glad we had that time together and made some more treasured memories!

Lots of love,

My heart is always home said...

Welcome Home! It is so great that you got your great-gradmothers story on tape. Now that I am an adult I wish I could have an afternoon with Granny. That is so special!

Sara said...

I live in Cleveland but I was at that same Cardinals game - we were in St. Louis for my sister in law's wedding! It was a GREAT game! And what a beautiful stadium.


momxtwo said...

Glad you ahd such a good time. I missed reading your uplifting posts. They always make my day!


Megan said...

Sorry I don't have the pictures uploaded yet! They are still on my camera - I'm hoping to do that this week.

I hope you are feeling better and made it home to your family safe and sound today.

We so enjoyed seeing you last week!