Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thrifty Thursday

Ok, it's time once again to put on your best Price Is Right thinking caps and guess what I paid for the following:

4: 12 pk Pepsi
4: 12 pk Mountain Dew
2: Glad handle tie trash bags (12 ct.)
1: Alka-Seltzer Cold Night Medicine
2: Kotex (40 ct.)
1: Zone Perfect Bar

I'm just going to put the answer in the comment section, so don't click over to the comments until you know what your guess is! Remember, always include the 5% tax. Leave a comment and let me know what your guess is!


thehomespunheart said...

Here's the answer:

Mountain Dew/Pepsi: 4/$10 sale at Eckerd's - mail in rebate for $10; paid 0.50 tax

Mountain Dew/Pepsi: 4/$10 sale at Walgreens - mail in rebate for $10 paid 0.50 tax (this is a different rebate than the Eckerd's one - so that is how I am able to get both)

Glad trash bags: 2/$3 at Walgreens; paid 0.15 tax

Cold Medicine: $4.99 at Walgreens with a rebate for $4.99; paid 0.25 tax

Kotex: 2/$10 sale at Walgreens; mail in rebate for $10; paid 0.50 tax

Zone Perfect Bar: $1.50 sale at Walgreens; mail in rebate for $1.50; paid 0.08 tax

Total paid: $4.98

I wish I had thought to look at the regular prices - but my Walgreens receipt said I saved $17.11 in advertised savings plus the $26.50 in rebates.

Mary Ann said...

I was going to guess $4.59. But I'm probably disqualified from guessing, since I had already looked through the sales papers, making out my list for shopping today(and I knew what the free-bates were). What a coincindence...I was planning on buying some of the very same things!!!! LOL! Awesome job, Monica!

Megan said...

I'm under this time. I was going to guess $2.78

Usually you get almost everything for free! *wink*

Amy said...

I just met a manager at Walgreens and I told him about how you always have people guess your pricing (I guessed $4.12). He kind of laughed and said that Walgreens does these great sales so that you buy other things in the store that are marked up higher. So if you make it out of the store every week with just those things you've beaten their system (which deep down we all know that but always buy other things!).

Do you actually get your rebates back? I have the worst luck with rebates.

Anonymous said...

Okay, how come we never have great sales like that??? Then again, we don't have eckerds or walgreens...

Great shopping!

thehomespunheart said...

Thanks for playing! You are all figuring me out!!

I ruined my total with the $3 trash bags - because otherwise my total would have only been 1.83!

As far as getting the rebates back, Amy, I haven't had any trouble. Until this summer - I sent in a Coke $10 rebate and haven't gotten it yet (it's been about two months). So, I remembered reading somewhere to keep a list of the outstanding rebates you sent in and just mark them off when they come. I think I'm going to start doing this.

You are right about Walgreens wanting you to buy other things - I think their regular prices are actually quite high...but, I do buy other things since I'm there anyway, so I guess their system is working mostly! :)

Debi said...

I guessed 26.25 for the whole lot.

I figure maybe you did buy one get one free for stuff.

Debi said...

Ok, I wrote my answer before i looked at your post and the other comments. I just can't seem to think about doing rebates, it seems like so much work to me that I just don't take the time to do it. I guess I have a "mental" block about it. I am not very good with my money and I really wish that I could have someone handle all of that for me and just give me some spending money once a month. Of course, I would probably whine about not every having any money. Oh, well..........

thehomespunheart said...

I'm planning to post some thoughts on making rebates successful next week!

Anonymous said...

How do you find these deals? I was looking again, and I asked my husband, and we have never seen these kinds of rebates! (I think he got a little jealous when he heard about free coke, he loves coke....) :-)

Any tips in this area would be great as we are moving, and to a more expensive area of CA. We are praying for God to provide a miracle in a home for us!


Amber said...

I am also wondering where/how do you get all these rebates? I love a good deal.