Thursday, August 24, 2006


Recently Angie of Carolina Rags and I discovered we go to the same church! Then I was on bed rest and in the hospital - so I just met her a couple of Sundays ago. Well, she came over for lunch yesterday and we had such a nice visit!

We listened to:

We ate:

Build-Your-Own-Quesadilla: fill bowls with grilled chicken, black beans, tomatoes, onions, salsa, cheese, etc... put desired toppings in a tortilla and grill in a skillet! Yummy. Then we had peach smoothies! Mmmmmm!

I gave her one of these and she brought me this adorable apron!!! I love it, Angie!

And, she brought Rachel these sweet burp cloths - so cute!

You can check out all the cute bags and things she makes here. We talked about family, faith, crafting, and of course - blogging! Thanks for coming, Angie! I'm excited to have a new friend!


momxtwo said...

That is great! I love the apron and the envelope book.

Looking at you I could never tell you just had a baby. Bennett is 3 and I am still carrying around that weight. Just don't have the get up and go to exercise and get the weight off.


Angie said...

Aren't you sweet! I had a great time! I really enjoyed our visit and getting to know you. I feel a true friendship is developing. Of course I feel like I have known you for a lot longer since I have been reading your blog for many months. I can't wait to get together again. I think we both enjoyed the adult conversation! :)
And your children are absolutely beautiful! And Emily, I could eat her up, what a sweetie!
So thanks again!

Grace said...

This is makes my heart happy. I miss you my friend!!

Michelle- This One's For The Girls said...

Ohhh- I love all of the things she made for you--especially the apron!

How fun for the both of you.