Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Applesauce Day

The tradition of applesauce making continues in our home! We bought less apples this year and it was just the right amount to handle making in one day which fits my life right now. Plus we had not run out of sauce from last year yet!

I love that we have gotten into quite a system for making applesauce and for the memories we together!

We made all the sauce in one day and then canned it the next which worked out great! I could switch out the jars in the canner easily while still having school so it was a good fit for our schedule! And it is a great feeling having it all done and preserved for the year ahead! Plus it made our house smell amazing!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunday Afternoon Slow

We are still adjusting to getting back into a school schedule around here! It is taking us longer this year than ever before to get into a groove and the first thing to go has been slow and beauty making. I'm missing it so much and looking for ways to cultivate these parts of me that refresh, restore and help me thrive.

One weekend recently, I made a list of things I was wanting to do on a Sunday afternoon - it gave me such purpose and good use of my time to have a direction and not just squander my time but also to use it in slow and beauty making ways that were a blessing. It was one of the best days I've had lately.

It reminds me of when our extended family gets together over Christmas - we frequently make lists whether physical or mental of things we want to do while together. Then we share these ideas and make as many of them happen as we can. Sometimes on next to last day, we'll revisit and try to see what else we want to do before we leave. I love that. And that is really what I did on this Sunday afternoon.

Here was the list I made:
Fall decor
Go for a walk
Watch Monastery Farm
Call my sister Carrie {I usually talk to my Mom on Sundays but we had a different plan this weekend!}
Cut David's hair
Send CC email
Wear a sweatshirt

Most of those things are very restful and it helped me bring purpose to my day of rest to enjoy it to the fullest doing these things that I'd been wanting to do. I didn't spend hours on each one but was able to do all of these things which was glorious!

I had so much fun getting some of my Fall decor out and fluffing a little around my nest and I was able to go for a walk while talking to my sister on the phone! This is one of my favorite ways to get a walk in is to talk to someone and walk at the same time.

Monastery Farm is a show I discovered on You Tube one year on Thanksgiving and I've been wanting to continue the series ever since. I finally made that happen and there is still more I can enjoy another day!

Wearing a sweatshirt is almost laughable because it is still hot here and our a/c is still keeping us cool inside! But I just could not shake this desire to be cozy and wear a sweatshirt - so I did and it was lovely until I got hot and then it was easy to change!

I don't think I will make a list every Sunday afternoon but I really enjoyed this scenario where it worked out so beautifully! Next I'm making a list of things I want to do this Fall and I've been able to mark several off already!

Tell me about your ideal Sunday afternoon!?

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017

Evening Beauty Walk

After apple picking and dinner out for pizza - we enjoyed a walk and play at Fall Park in downtown Greenville, SC! Lots of leaves and textures to see everywhere - so pretty!