Thursday, April 24, 2014

Family Fun Hour

Short and sweet today with an idea we've been enjoying lately! Every Wednesday on Slow Day - we also complete our Home Blessing Hour ala Fly Lady! I used to always want to have this done before school started, but probably obvious to all of you - it really threw a wrench into our school schedule.

At any rate, we started doing it in the afternoon after Quiet Time and it works much more smoothly. In addition, I added a second hour and called it Family Fun Hour. After we work together to get the house clean, each child gets to choose something for us to do together. The idea is about 20 minutes on each of three things but we typically only get to do two and just stretch one longer.

My only rules for Family Fun Hour are: it has to be free, it has to be together, it has to be something we can do at home.

So far, we have played games, done science experiments, played with bubbles, painted, gone for a walk and more. It has turned into a super fun thing to look forward to after working together to clean and it is like a lovely reward at the end of our work.

Not only that, but I find that even though we are home together ALOT, it can be hard to make time for the fun things like those mentioned above and especially for all of us to enjoy together. So, this serves a multitude of purposes and has been full of blessings for us.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catching Up

Where to begin? After our Slow Week two weeks ago, I was sick and it knocked me out for three days. You know how this goes right? Then I was overwhelmed with how behind I felt in so many ways. So, we hunkered down for a few days at home, skipped Slow Day and I took a week off from my morning routine and things are finally back to running smoothly again which means I am doing laundry regularly and cooking dinner again. Goodness, it is amazing {and scary!} how quickly things can pile up when Mama is sick.

I am so thankful to be on this side of that survival mode and to have had a lovely slow weekend at home. We are all aflutter with nearing the end of school, anticipating the girls ballet recital and making a Colorado trek soon.

Lately it seems I have more pictures to share than words - in some ways I feel like I'm not sure what to write about anymore. And, there is this: leading a quiet life is beautiful. I have lots more on my Bible studies of slow to share soon.

For today - photos of a Slow Saturday morning breakfast, slowing to remember a sweet little friend, snuggles, dreaming of eggs to fill this nest and enjoying raindrops on roses!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Strawberry Art

One thing I've missed in recent months is my quest for beauty and creating art. Every picture shown today happened all in one day and as it was getting dark in the evening and I was washing and slicing berries for the fridge, I looked at the jars lined up on the counter and it was like beautiful art to me and I realized this is my art.

Every aspect of this felt like art to me - going and enjoying my littles picking the berries, noticing the blue berry boxes filled with red fruit and the cheer of the colors, lingering over lunch with new friends and not looking at the clock, piling the berries in enamelware just to take pictures and enjoy the beauty, slicing and baking and whipping to make something yummy for us and to share, bringing beauty as a gift, chasing sunlight to catch the rays as part of the art, sitting on the screened porch to enjoy the last rays of sun and the sweet bites of yummy-ness.

And, so - in pictures, this is my art. Really, though this is God's art that He pours through how I see things, appreciate things, enjoy His creation, who He has made me to be ...

Recipe: Almond-Cornmeal Shortcakes

Wednesday, April 16, 2014