Friday, December 19, 2014

Slow Sunday

Sometimes there are days where time literally seems to slow. Sunday was one of those days for me! Church was early and the benefit was that our day stretched beautifully before us with snow flurries and the coziness of home beckoning.

I've been longing for the old fashioned Christmas projects {partially inspired by this} - orange slices, cranberries and popcorn, oranges with cloves, etc... So, I purchase oranges and cranberries and make time to enjoy these simple pleasures.

My littles were nearly beside themselves that it snowed! It wasn't much - but they scraped together two teeny snowmen!

Then we feasted on wraps inspired by one my mom tasted in the airport recently. We were also inspired by walking through the new Trader Joe's and finding yummy ingredients which resulted in these glorious wraps: Ezekiel 4:9 tortillas, garlic hummus, salad with cucumber, celery and carrots, broccoli slaw and a sprinkle of cheese. I added a little ranch dressing to mine - yum!

Orange Beauty came next! Emily was inspired to create a story about the Christmas Orange. It was a day that was a feast for the senses finished off by watching The Hundred Foot Journey.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

He Shall Be Called Hoop Art

Another fun little project - this is simply a few fabric scraps, a thrifted embroidery hoop and some stamped letters. I found the old key in my Mom's sewing box and she graciously shared!

If you want to make your own - here is roughly what I did: Wrap outer hoop with desired fabric. Hold end in place {ha! I did not want to bother getting out the hot glue!} and then press over inner hoop with a basic neutral fabric. I ended up taking it off and adding the fabric strips for some added flair.

So if you were to do this, I'd suggest having your neutral and strips laid out before you wrap the outer hoop :) I stamped the words on using these alphabet stamps and this ink. You could seal the ink but I did not.

I stitched the key on and added a few ties of fabric to the screw at the top. A quick flourish of twine and a little bunting from a clearance rack finished it off.

Simple. Beautiful. Meaningful.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Adore Paper Collage

One afternoon recently while my parents were at a doctor's appointment - I had fun pulling out my crafty box and making this fun little gifty.

A scrap of moss sheeting left from making a moss covered initial made the teeniest little wreath! Add that to a few scraps of paper, vintage sewing tape and a bit of washi tape and voila! I taped this onto a vintage croquet wicket for fun but the possibilities are endless of how you could display.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Undeserved Gifts

On our road trip to Colorado, my eyes were open to unexpected gifts poured out on us. When we stopped at a Wendy's for Frosty's and I had coupons for two free ones and we were given three free ones just because. Or when I delivered some Christmas gifts from a sweet friend to her sweet sister and she gave us this amazing bag of things to enjoy in the car including a craft kit, super fun paper and yummy treats.

I found myself teary for at least the next half hour because of this kindness and overwhelmed at her thoughtfulness. And, then it came to me that these undeserved gifts and unexpected kindness are such a beautiful picture of Christmas. Talk about an undeserved gift and unexpected kindness that affects us for all of eternity.

It was also striking to me how easy it is to give and give and give and how hard it is to receive. I confess I am not a good receiver of undeserved kindness and grace.

Can you imagine how welcoming this scene was after driving all day and arriving at my Grandma's home? So inviting, welcoming, peaceful, homey and cozy. I've frequently said that going to trouble is one way I show love and that is what my sweet Grandma does too. I realize it can be hard when someone goes to a lot of trouble for you because you may feel overwhelmed in receiving it or knowing it is not in you to return that.

Here is something my Mom and I have talked about. There is blessing in giving and there is blessing in receiving. Think of this: those who give are responding to who God has created them to be. They are wired to give and it is life-giving to them. Those who give need there to be souls who are willing to receive graciously. The success of their giving hinges on someone being there to receive. Those who receive are obeying God too by allowing the giver to give.

Of course, this is not without balance, but I hope the heart of what I'm trying to share is coming across. Even when it is hard to receive, God has put the giving in the heart of the giver and all I need to do is open my heart graciously to be poured into.

Thank You, Lord for your most perfect undeserved gift! And, for allowing me to both give and learn to receive.

Friday, December 12, 2014