Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bragging on Jesus

Both the girls were baptized last Sunday - wow, it has turned into the year of God being at work in our home and the hearts that live here! I'm so grateful, really so full.

When the girls met with our pastor in preparation for this day, he explained that being baptized is like bragging on Jesus. The baptism itself doesn't save us, we know this - but we step out in faith to say we aren't ashamed and to proclaim that He is Lord of our lives.

It seems that we've been waiting a while for the girls to take this step of faith even though they had already both made a profession of faith. We were recently reading about the Ethiopian eunuch, he was asking Philip about a passage he was reading. This was his first encounter with the Gospel and when he saw water on the side of the road asked what would prevent him from being baptized right then and there. I love how he did not delay or put off until he felt more ready - he just jumped in literally.

Do I delay to step out in faith? Yes, to be very honest, I do. Stepping out in faith is scary and unknown. Staying where I am feels safe and comfy. But the most growth and depth with God comes when I step out of that comfort zone and rest completely in Him. Anyway, little rabbit trail there :)

Back to the girls - we had lunch at home where I set a pretty table and made a cake to celebrate this milestone in their lives.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slow Day

Vintage Betty Crocker cookbook!
Emily draws tons of hedgehogs lately - she is saving up for a pet!
Scones and reading aloud.
Studying for Memory Master - a first for our family!

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Everyday Beauty

When Spring spun off into a crazy Summer and Fall last year, Winter gave way to exhaustion. Now that Spring is back upon us again - I am purposing to feed my heart with simple everyday beauty that also blesses my family and those around me.

After reading this post, I made Snickerdoodles - yep, just for fun!

We had a picnic at the park with our CC friends {love my plaid metal lunchbox - it makes me so happy!!!} and Emily brought me these blooms. They were so soft and full of simple sweet beauty!

Sitting in the car waiting for the girls at ballet - the sun began to set and the sky was so pretty!

For Awana, Rachel made a diorama and chose the story of the Ethiopian man and Philip along the road. She used all little scraps and bits to make her chariot and angel in an old Coke box.

A bowl of Lucky Charms and a few facts about the history of St. Patrick.

Slow Saturday morning ginger-lemon tea making - I don't drink the whole batch by myself while it is fresh so have started making it once in a while and freezing in portions that are easy to pull out when I want some soothing tea!

Met a friend at the boat landing to hand something off and enjoyed a few minutes of beauty at the same time.

We've had the curtains on our porch closed for weeks to help keep the pollen down and it has felt like a cave. So happy to get it all cleaned off and opened back up for enjoyment and light!!!

For at least a week, I've been eyeing the blooms on our neighbors tree! But day after day I forgot to take pictures - I finally wrote it on my daily do-list and made it happen as they are beginning to fade.

After working hard all day, it is nice to light a candle and pick up a book and just relax!

This candle holder is one of my very favorites! It is a vintage potato ricer with the handle taken off :)

What everyday beauty have you been appreciating lately?

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