Friday, January 23, 2015

Cozy Christmas Quilt

Several months ago, I got the bug to want to make a Christmas quilt. I know, I don't *need* another quilt - but I love making them and my little family adores snuggling with quilts. I've frequently said if there is one thing this family knows how to do it is: cozy.

Anyway, this idea also came at a time that I was trying not to spend anything extra - so I spent lots of time window shopping and had a cute style board all picked out and just was sort of waiting for a coupon code to push me over but one never came. So, I shelved the idea for a few months.

Then, Black Friday came and fabrics were on sale, I shopped again and several of my initial picks were sold out or not available but the fabric was on a goooood sale and still cute options. I revamped my picks and put everything in my cart and then thought about how I didn't really need to spend that money. So, I ignored my cart and that was that.

Until. Yes, the next day - they extended the sale another day - I decided to run it by David and with is go-for-it, I did! The fabric came while we were in Colorado, so when we got home I washed it and there is has been looking at me all pretty and enticing!

I knew I wanted this quilt done before next Christmas and if I even put the fabric away it would probably not happen - so a recent Slow Day afternoon - this came out and voila, a new quilt was born. I stayed up late and finished it all in one afternoon/evening and even though I didn't have an exact vision - I absolutely love how it turned out!!! It is equal parts funky, vintage, festive, whimsical, cozy, and makes me smile!

Fabric from JOY pillow - Target clearance 2013.

I sorta have a feeling we won't be packing this away anytime soon :)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Slow Day

Christmas fun is definitely not over in this house. I just can't put my decor away yet - Fall gets a whole season and Christmas is over so quick. So, I'm extending it this year because I can!

Math in bed, glowy candles reflecting on glass, cozy slippers, Christmas picture books. This day truly fed my soul in a good, good ways!