Friday, March 06, 2015

Open Tabs

First - the above. Exhibit A - on our way out for our anniversary dinner. Exhibits B & C are actually the wrapping paper that the girls drew to wrap a gift for me from David in. Can you even get over the cuteness of that couple out for a Date Night!??! And, at a table marked "reserved." Goodness, so sweet!

Finding Rest for the Soul in the Midst of Motherhood - loved this post!

We are all loving this song lately - put it on repeat!!!

This: The Secret of Creating Rest While Life Exhausts a Lady, "Sometimes rest is the most holy way to live." I found myself many times in this post.

Went to see The Drop Box Wednesday evening.

Happy Slow Weekend, friends!

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Bonus Slow Day

It seems the phrase Teaching from a Place of Rest has come up numerous times around me this past school year. It also seems that we have struggled more this school year than any other - yes I can put my finger on some reasons. As a result of the struggles, we are struggling more with school and the struggles continue and multiply and tire out mama.

Like everything, I've heard many times that this too shall pass. I really dislike hearing that phrase when I'm in the midst of something trying even though it is true. But, we keep on keeping on and we do the best we can everyday to learn and grow together.

I am trying partly out of desire and partly out of necessity to relax our expectations. I don't want to spend my school hours barking at my children, sighing loudly about how little we've gotten done in how much time, showing exasperation a.g.a.i.n. that we are still on Math. Whew.

All of the above leaves us somewhat unmotivated or perhaps it is just truly in need of slowing more and more and more. Now, the girls room gets the warmest of any room in our house. One chilly morning they ask to have school in there.

The sunlight. Seriously. The beauty. How unmotivated we were, how snuggly and warm we were. We did some school, we played with Lala Loopsies - which by the way - they get out terribly infrequently these days so I want to enjoy every moment they do get them out.

I will never, ever regret enjoying, ooohing and aaahing over all the cute little details of their clothes, accessories and general cuteness. I love seeing all the little pets lined up in Samuel's car as he boy-ifies all the pink and girlyness.

And, there is this which I have written and thought and said many, many times before. I will never regret slowing to enjoy moments like these.

It was worth saying again even if only for myself. Because no matter how hard we try to slow, we still feel too busy and fast.

I've known how much clutter unsettles me - but it is clear to me that it creates stress in my heart and mind and therefore I am grouchy to my family. I cannot truly relax or rest with lots of clutter around. This was a common thread in the comments when I posted about rest earlier this year.

Wow, this post is all over the place and you know, this is just how we are right now. A bonus Slow Day is always a good idea and I'm trying to even fit in pockets of slow to everyday days and moments.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Slow Day

* First day of Lent, Rachel snuck a picture of me squeaking in a nap and how sweet is Samuel!?, and serving dinner at the Ronald McDonald house. The beginning of Lent started nearly the same as last year, this year instead of spilled honey we had spilled candle wax - again I over-reacted and again it was a beautiful object lesson for why Christ came. #slowlearner