Monday, December 11, 2017

The Sound of Rain: Book Review and Giveaway

Hi friends! I'm so enjoying being part of Bethany House book review team and getting to read and share new titles with you every month! I hope you are enjoying it too -

This month, I received The Sound of Rain by Sarah Loudin Thomas. This is a different choice for me, because it is not as historical in nature which is my preferred genre.

The Sound of Rain is set in both Myrtle Beach, SC and the hills of Kentucky in 1954.

The two main characters are Judd Markley, a coal miner who is leaving West Virginia to follow the dreams of his brother who died in a mining accident. He heads to Myrtle Beach to learn the timber trade.

Meanwhile, Larkin Heyward is a native of Myrtle Beach who longs for the hills of Kentucky where she feels her life purpose is to help those in need in the Appalachians.

I could easily relate to the familiarity of descriptions relating to South Carolina heat, humidity and hurricanes. When characters discussed it not being any cooler at 8pm than 3pm, I smiled and nodded. And people walking slow sounds like what I just described to my Mom as the Slow Country which seems common in the Low Country :)

Near the beginning of the book, there was mention of a beach scene which included beer, midriffs and skin showing from beach-goers and while that is realistic, I don't necessarily want a reminder of that in a Christian fiction book.

The story walks through the town of Myrtle Beach being impacted by Hurricane Hazel and the residual effects in the aftermath. Judd and Larkin find their lives intersecting through various situations and it seems one is escaping the life the other is looking for.

Navigating the situations they are faced with in light of those in need both locally and across state lines, they form a friendship and bond that grows and also brings questions about the future. Then of course, Larkin's family adds a new dimension to the story with an estranged brother, a father focused on continuing the legacy of his business through one of his children and their mother who is caught in the middle. How will this affect Larkin and how she wants to use her life in serving others? How will it affect Judd who is learning the timber industry and is also interested in the boss' daughter?

I enjoyed this book and the characters as they walked through the challenges of real life colliding with the dreams of their hearts and the fears they are trying to overcome. Another thing I enjoyed was the realization by book characters that we can make a difference wherever we are - needs are always out there both near and far and we trust God's leading in where He chooses to use us.

I'd love to send this book to one of you to enjoy - just leave a comment by Thursday, December 14th and I will draw and announce a winner after that. Winners must have a US address.

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Road Trip Photo Journal

Samuel grabbed my camera the second and third days and had fun draining the battery :) and capturing a few memories!

Rachel and I talked about setting a challenge to try and not spend anything on food for our three day trip. We did it! I did buy drinks the last day - so my total aside from gas/lodging was $3.30!

Day 1:
Breakfast: pumpkin bread
Lunch: Pizza Bread, applesauce, cookies, juice boxes
Dinner in hotel: Meat and Potato Pie {Quiche with potato crust}, canned peaches and cookies.

Day 2:
Breakfast: hotel buffet
Lunch: packed sandwiches from bread and pbj available at breakfast and combined with chips and sides in car
Dinner: Pizza with my Grandma and two Aunts in Kansas City

Day 3:
Breakfast: muffins made by my Grandma :)
Lunch: Quiche Scones
Dinner: Arrived at my parents house in time for dinner