Monday, April 20, 2015

Slow Evening

I posted this photo on Instagram last week and I keep coming back to it. I just love it so much. It is right after dinner, the kitchen is cleaned up and my jobs for the day are really done. No expectations, no to-do's, it was just one of those golden moments that you want to hold on to forever and every moment at the same time.

Our house is tidy right now which is not super common these days {um, years} but it makes such a difference for mama when we are making the effort. And, I find that it is much easier to find time to slow when I keep the house picked up and "encourage" those living with me to follow suit.

Every time I hit one of these high's - I analyze it to death: how can I hold on to this? How can I maintain this? Dear self - PLEASE just keep being diligent and daily enforcing clean up. Oh, what a difference it makes.

How do you keep up with the long-term and not just short-term maintenance of good discipline and goals around your house?

When our house is tidier, I'm much more at peace and rest, much happier, calmer, less stressed {!!}, and also actually get more accomplished because I am keeping up on things instead of letting them linger and languish in a pile or even just giving up because I'm overwhelmed with where to start.

Sometimes things just click and we are in one of those phases right now - I want to hold on to it and beg it to move in permanently. But, I am also just enjoying these days where slow is coming more easily and simple is a great feeling.

We had fun circling around and watching our new fave: Fixer Upper! These are the moments of sweet, sweet memories in our pondered-and-treasured spaces, friends! I ask you this question all the time in my head and frequently in a post - but really, what will you do to choose slow today?

Friday, April 17, 2015

Slow: Littles Day Out

David and his brother took the little people out for the entire day to our local military air show! They had a blast and Emily took all of these photos except the ones she's pictured in :)

As if that were not fun enough - then they saw the Blue Angels! I love this photo Emily took of two jets exactly next to each other, one flying inverted - great capture!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Slow: Mama's Day

I went to a baby shower and then organized/cleaned out my closet while the rest of my family was out at a local Air Show. I'll show you their day tomorrow! And, no - I'm not going to show you my closet :) You can picture it right? Disaster before and now I made it about halfway - so only half disaster now!

A sweet friend hosted this lovely shower!