Friday, July 20, 2018

Slow Week Day Five

Slow Day inspiration:
* sweet bird came back again!
* surprised my family with yummy bakery treats for breakfast
* someone has found a little perch on the end of our bed
* packing my beauty box for camping
* and prepping all the kitchen things for camping
* finishing one of Emily's school books for this year - four down, one to go!
* all together but doing our own quiet things - love
* plus I took a two hour nap and we went to the drive-in movie

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Slow Week Day Four

Slow Inspiration:

Today's photos are not actually all from one day - my second slow week turned out not as slow as I had hoped, but isn't that how it goes?

* let imaginations be creative even when it makes a mess
* bake! {this is always a good idea!}
* enjoy God's creation: looking at a cute comfy dog makes me smile and seeing a beautiful bird on the  mailbox causes me to pause and watch it
* go for a drive: initially I went for a drive hoping to find a field of sunflowers I'd heard about. It wasn't there but these corn fields were and it was golden hour!
* read a book in bed: enough said, right?!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Slow Week Day Three

Inspiration for Slow Day #3:
- First of all, I stayed in my pj's until 11am - I highly recommend this once in a while! Getting some computer work done while comfy is just glorious.
- I was in a funk for a lot of this day {4th of July} my projects just weren't going smoothly and I was frustrated with myself! Redeeming action: do something that is life-giving. Late afternoon I just took a break to sit and do nothing and relax. Then when it was time to start dinner, I took a deep breath and just got going. Setting a pretty table cheered me and pretty soon I was feeling great and having a fun evening - we enjoyed the porch, sunset and even some unexpected fireworks that were not in a crowded place {glory, hallelujah} so the girls and I made a fun memory staying out late seeing the displays. A little flexibility was definitely needed but at the end of the day, I was happy we did all the things we did and didn't and that the day ended well!